Michael Keaton Kicked Off His Time As Batman By Starting A Food Fight In The Studio

Although “The Flash” may have been a paltry send-off for Michael Keaton’s Batman, nothing can undermine his first two appearances in the cape and cowl.

When 1989’s “Batman” arrived, not only was it a box office smash, but its dark and subversive tone was unlike anything anyone had seen, especially in the context of a comic book movie.Often, you’ll hear praise heaped on Tim Burton for this magic trick — and rightly so.

Without the director’s unique artistic vision and offbeat sensibility, “Batman” would not have been the unforgettable expressionist experience it was.

You might also hear about the late Anton Furst’s production design, which gave vivid life to the nightmare scape of urban decay that was his Gotham City.

But there was a lesser-known presence that helped shape the 1989 blockbuster, and without which “Batman” may never have been made.Michael E.

Uslan was an Executive Producer on “Batman,…

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