Midnight Mass Review: Keep The Faith And Follow Mike Flanagan Down A Haunting Rabbit Hole

“The more specific we are, the more universal we become.” So goes the saying, thrust upon writers of all craft: a stark reminder of the similarities in our differences, the shared foundation of our lives.

When all else fails, specificity resonates, overwhelming the details to underscore truth.

Midnight Mass” reveals itself over time as Mike Flanagan’s most haunting work yet, because it is indisputably personal and entirely his own.

The questions that plague the author quickly engulf the audience.To call “Midnight Mass” thought-provoking undersells its value, obscures its approach — Mike Flanagan’s newest miniseries taps into your brain…The post Midnight Mass Review: Keep The Faith and Follow Mike Flanagan Down a Haunting Rabbit Hole appeared first on /Film.

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