Netflix Really Missed The Mark With This Mads Mikkelsen Action Thriller

When you think of Mads Mikkelsen, your brain probably locks onto the captivating villains he’s played on screen, be it Le Chiffre from “Casino Royale,” Hannibal Lecter in “Hannibal,” or even Jürgen Voller in “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.” What you may not think about is Mikkelsen the dancer. It’s true: after studying at the world-famous ballet academy in Gothenburg, Sweden (aka.

the Balettakademien), the Danish actor spent a decade as a professional dancer before getting into acting.

He would go on to put his ballet skills to incredible use in the opening fight in “Hannibal” season 2, as well as the memorable drunken dance scene that went viral from director Thomas Vinterberg’s Danish dramedy “Another Round.” With his physical grace and screen charisma, it was probably inevitable somebody would have the idea to cast Mikkelsen as the protagonist in a post-“John Wick” assassin thriller (of which…

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