New Movies to Watch This Week: ‘Let Him Go,’ ‘Kindred,’ ‘Proxima’

As if sensing that the election would provide enough nail-biting excitement to last Americans for days, distributors have largely backed off the first weekend in November.Focus Features is releasing a solid Kevin Costner-Diane Lane thriller with serious Red State appeal in “Let Him Go,” for those with access to theaters, and there are a number of backlogged festival movies picking this weekend to open: the best of them is “Proxima,” featuring Eva Green as a French astronaut preparing to leave her son behind for her first trip to space, though Toronto 2019 premiere “Jungleland” and Sundance oddity “Koko-di Koko-da” are solid options as well.Genre fans have a few options, ranging from “Triggered” (a “Battle Royale”-esque survival game in which old friends must kill one another to survive) to “The Informer,” a movie that opened in theaters abroad way back in 2019, but brings some excitement to a tame frame.

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