‘Oppenheimer’ Sex Scenes Aren’t Worth the Hype (Opinion)

[Editor’s Note: The following story contains spoilers for “Oppenheimer.”]“Oppenheimer” hinges on the haunting feeling that man-made death is lurking nearby, and yet, the film bungles the “little death” that has been highly anticipated along its press tour.Writer-director Christopher Nolan said that “Oppenheimer” is his first film across his 25-year career to show sex and sexualized nudity onscreen.

Oppenheimer” landed Nolan’s first R-rating since 2002’s “Insomnia” due to the included nudity.

The official Motion Pictures Association rating description lists “some sexuality, nudity and language, with brief scenes of strong sex which include breast and buttock nudity.” Of course, this inevitably led to viral FilmTok and Film Twitter posts anticipating just how “strong” the hyped sultry sequences would be.The first scene in question features Florence Pugh and Cillian Murphy having robotic intercourse after Pugh arches her eyebrow and engages in witty banter at a Communist Party mixer.

Pugh portrays psychiatrist Jean Tatlock, with Murphy starring as…

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