Almost All The Live-Action Batman Actors Come Together In McFarlane Toys’ New Action Figure Pack

We may receive a commission on purchases made from links.McFarlane Toys has been releasing endless amounts of action figures tied to every side of the DC Comics universe, from the pages of actual comics books to the big screen adaptations that span decades.

Just recently, the toy creators got to dig into the past a little bit with the return of Michael Keaton from Tim Burton’s “Batman” in “The Flash.” Not only did the character return, albeit with a little more gray in his hair, but the original Batmobile is still hanging around the Batcave.

McFarlane Toys brought them both back in action figure form, too, and we were lucky enough to get a closer look at the collectibles.

But if you wanted more big screen Batman, there’s more on the way.This week, McFarlane Toys revealed a new Ultimate Movie Collection of action figures in honor of…

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