‘Rambo: Last Blood’ Review: Stallone’s Angry Icon Hits Rock Bottom in Dreary Finale

Midway through “Rambo-Last-Blood-2019-movie-posters/”>Rambo: Last Blood,” Sylvester Stallone mumbles a heartfelt monologue, grasping for poignance after four previous movies of grisly showdowns with foreign threats.

Points for effort, Rambo, but no such luck.

Tragedy strikes, destroying whatever faith in humanity the beleaguered Vietnam vet somehow cultivated since 2008’s “Rambo.” And so the body count rises once more.

If there was any doubt about this cycle of mayhem dominating Rambo’s life wherever he goes, then this apparent conclusion seals the deal, forcing him to unleash yet more carnage on waves of ugly stereotypes with savage finality.Yet nearly 40 years after the comparatively bloodless first installment, the grunting warrior still can’t catch a break, this time taking on hardened Mexican sex traffickers across the border.

If only “Last Blood” had more to say about that beyond the jingoistic mishmash of dime-store sentimentality and half-hearted vengeance it shrugs into existence, bidding farewell

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