Ridley Scott on sci-fi epic Raised By Wolves: ‘Watch it with three bottles of wine!’

The director is returning to TV after 50 years, with a drama about two androids raising humans on a far planet.

He talks about working through lockdown, doing big adverts for China – and living on £75 a weekThe lead character in Raised By Wolves is Mother, an android tasked with bringing up a young human family on a faraway planet.

But things soon go wrong.

Mother starts wildly overreacting to the tiniest provocation, then murders her partner.

Before long, she’s screaming at visitors with such fury that their heads actually explode.

Which raises the question: has its writer’s mum seen it yet?“Yeah, she has,” says Aaron Guzikowski hesitantly.

Does she like it? “She was rendered speechless by it.

I still don’t know.

She hasn’t given me a satisfactory review yet.” What Guzikowski does have, though, is a young family, which is how he came up with the idea for the series.

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