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Ridley Scott Went Low-Tech To Sell The Reality Of Raised By Wolves

The dystopian sci-fi series “Raised by Wolves” was a collaborative effort by series creator Aaron Guzikowski and executive producer Ridley Scott, and the latter was heavily involved in the process of creating the look and feel of the show. Exploring android-human relations is not new territory for Scott, as the director has etched detailed, futuristic […]

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Raised By Wolves Reminded Ridley Scott Why He’s Not A Writer

HBO cancelling “Raised by Wolves” after two seasons was disappointing for fans since the show tackled dense topics within the structure of a tense, thought-provoking drama about humans and androids. Showrunner Aaron Guzikowski had first conceived the idea for the show in form of a spec script, which gradually evolved into an emotionally-resonant, breathtaking saga […]

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‘Raised by Wolves’ Season 2 May Speak to Parents Overwhelmed by a Preposterous World

On a lonely, fog-drenched mountaintop, as a flying snake the length of a train car circles a speargun-toting android, only one thought crossed my mind: Parenting is basically impossible.Of course, today’s guardians are already well-aware. Having navigated nearly two years of a deadly pandemic, anyone in charge of a youngster under five is likely struggling […]

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‘Raised By Wolves’: Aaron Guzikowski Teases New Android & Surprises For Season 2 [Interview]

One of the surprise series of 2020, HBO Max’s “Raised By Wolves” is finally returning for its second season. Created by Aaron Guzikowski, the first two episodes were directed by executive producer Ridley Scott who brought a stunning cinematic aesthetic to the proceedings. Scott, who has been a bit busy with two major film releases […]

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‘Raised by Wolves’ Season 2 Trailer: Ridley Scott-Produced HBO Max Sci-Fi Drama Returns in February

The HBO Max original series “Raised by Wolves,” created by “Prisoners” writer Aaron Guzikowski, is returning to the streaming platform this coming February 3, 2022. The android science-fiction drama is executive-produced by Ridley Scott, who’s currently on the press and awards circuits promoting his films “House of Gucci” and “The Last Duel.” Ahead of the […]

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