Riz Ahmed Realized After ‘Venom’ That He Didn’t Yet Have the ‘Skill Set’ to Act in Blockbusters

Jake Gyllenhaal was overcome with anxiety on the set of the Marvel tentpole “Spider-Man: Far From Home” when he realized how unprepared he was for the style of acting required to pull off a big comic book tentpole.

“It’s hard, man.

That acting is hard.

All of it,” the actor said earlier this month about performing in the MCU.

It sounds like Riz Ahmed knows what Gyllenhaal means.

Speaking to Variety for a new cover story, the “Sound of Metal” Oscar nominee said starring in the 2018 tentpole “Venom” made him realize he didn’t have the skills necessary to pull off a blockbuster-sized performance.

Ahmed played the villainous inventor Carlton Drake in the movie.“I’m not saying I don’t like those big movies.

I’m saying I had not learned yet how to bring myself to those movies,” Ahmed said about his “Venom” takeaway.

“Those films teach you stamina,

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