Robert Rodriguez’s 7,000 El Mariachi Is Still One of His Best Films

Since arriving on the cinematic scene in 1992, Robert Rodriguez has proven to be a unique and versatile voice in cinema.

Few filmmakers known for hard edged R-rated material like Desperado and Sin City also dabble in family friendly fare like that of the Spy Kids films, and vice versa.

But Rodriguez is an exception to this standard and, over a span of 30 years and 18 feature films to his name, the filmmaker shows no signs of slowing down or allowing himself to be confined by genre and narrative expectations.

From action to horror and science-fiction to family films, his body of work is strikingly diverse.

As a filmmaker who can’t be easily categorized or labeled, however, one of his most ambitious and impressive efforts continues to be his feature-length debut, El Mariachi.

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