‘Rust’ Tragedy: Police Have Not ‘Ruled Out’ Any Charges, Have Recovered Bullet and 500 Additional Rounds

Authorities believe a lead bullet removed by doctors from the shoulder of “Rust” director Joel Souza is the same one that struck and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, and was fired out of a gun shot by actor Alec Baldwin on the New Mexico set of the film last Thursday.

That bullet, along with 500 blanks, dummy rounds, and suspected live rounds are among the evidence that has been collected by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department as part of its ongoing investigation into the fatal incident.“I think the facts are clear: A weapon was handed to Mr.

Baldwin, the weapon is functional and fired a live round, killing Ms.

Hutchins and injuring Mr.

Sousa,” Sheriff Adan Mendoza said during a Wednesday press conference.No charges have been filed as of yet.

Mendoza said made sure to specify that much of the information he shared will need to be confirmed

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