‘Scandal’ Series Finale Knows That Its Gladiators Did a Lot of Bad Things, but Asks Us to Forgive Them Anyway

[Editor’s note: This review contains spoilers for “Scandal” Season 7, Episode 18, “Over a Cliff”]Pour out a bottle of Bordeaux for Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and her friends and enemies, as Thursday night brought their story to a close.

“Over a Cliff” did its best to wrap up major emotional arcs, serve (at least one of) the bad guys official justice, and establish that in the most powerful town in America, Olivia had earned her place at the top.What has always appealed to this non-“Grey’s Anatomy” fan about “Scandal” was that while both Shonda Rhimes-created series exist in their own heightened realities, the tone was more compatible with “Scandal’s” similarity to paperback thrillers than “Grey’s” similarity to a more soapy version of “E.R.”The first season of “Scandal,” when you revisit it, remains a tight, compelling political drama that mixed cases-of-the-week with an ever-growing conspiracy; Season 2 cemented its status as unskippable TV.

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