Seth Meyers on the Pure Joy of ‘Corrections’ and the Round of Applause That Brought the Show Back

Welcome to It’s a Hit! In this series, IndieWire speaks to creators and showrunners behind a few of our favorite Emmy-nominated television programs about the moment they realized their show was breaking big.TV award historians can fact-check this, but “Corrections” might be the first gift to be Emmy-nominated.The segment started last spring as simple way for “Late Night” host Seth Meyers to tell jokes to his longtime friend and producing partner Mike Shoemaker.

From its online-only humble beginnings, the show has steadily grown its viewership and taken on its own mythology of winding, nested callbacks.

The “jackals” — a name given to the collection of good-natured pedants who swoop into the comments section of “Late Night” YouTube videos to correct everything from pronunciations and pluralizaions to biological classifications to the history of German Expressionist cinema — now even have their own official merch.But at its heart, “Corrections” is

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