Shochiku Confirms ‘Cube’ Remake in Japan

Shochiku, a major Japanese film producer and distributor, has announced its remake of “Cube,” a 1997 fantasy-thriller by Vincenzo Natali about six people who find themselves trapped in a maze-like cube and have to figure a way out, while evading fatal traps.A Canadian production that premiered at Toronto, the original film became a cult hit in Japan following its September 1998 local release.The remake stars Suda Masaki, Okada Masaki, Tashiro Hikaru, Saito Takumi, Yoshida Kentaro and the single-named Anne as the trapped six.

The director is Shimizu Yasuhiko, whose credits include the 2019 shocker “Vice.” The remake was shot in October and November of last year based on an adapted script written by Tokuo Koji.

Natali serves as creative advisor.“Cube” will open on October 22, 2021 in Japan, with Shochiku distributing.“No one can resist the powerful system of the Cube,” Shimizu said in a statement.

“In making this film, it was

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