Sofia Coppola Speaks for Bill Murray and Defines His Elusive Charm in ‘On the Rocks’

Sofia Coppola had a crush on actor Bill Murray for decades.

She’s worked with him on “Lost in Translation,” which yielded four Oscar nominations; the star-crammed 2015 one-hour Netflix Christmas special “A Very Murray Christmas,” which they wrote with Mitch Glazer, co-starring Murray, George Clooney, Michael Cera, Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones; and “On the Rocks” which reunited Coppola, Murray, and Jones, the latter in a role modeled — as Scarlett Johansson’s was in “Lost in Translation” — on Coppola herself.This time, Murray landed Supporting Actor Golden Globe and Critics Choice nominations for his larger-than-life art dealer trying to help his novelist daughter make sense of her writing, marriage, and parenting.

With Murray, Coppola said on the phone, “the character takes over.

He had to be charismatic and come take over her life.

That’s part of the dynamic of this film.

And I knew she was strong enough to hold her own with him.

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