Star Trek 4 Has Been Removed From Paramount’s Upcoming Release Slate

The last “Star Trek” film to be released as part of the Kelvin timeline was the woefully undervalued “Star Trek Beyond,” arguably the best of the three newest entries.

Since then, “Trek” fans have been waiting for a fourth entry in the new film franchise, and it seemed like there was hope when it was announced that “WandaVision” director Matt Shakman would be helming the as-yet-untitled “Star Trek 4.”Well, folks, that hope is a little dashed today as Variety has announced that Paramount has removed the long-awaited film from its release schedule.

This news unfortunately comes in the wake of Shakman exiting the project about a month ago, presumably to rejoin the MCU.

The same day his departure was announced, Deadline broke the news that Shakman would direct the new “Fantastic Four” film.

So it seems pretty likely that this is why he left “Trek 4,” but that’s admittedly just speculation at this point.

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