‘Sweet Tooth’ Review: Netflix’s Fantasy-Adventure Series Crafts a Spielbergian Fairy Tale

Much of the early concern around a show like “Sweet Tooth” — a fantasy adventure based on existing I.P.

that targets all four quadrants while ostensibly posing as a kids’ show — is that it will either be sweet to the point of saccharine or awkwardly imbalanced in trying to please too many audiences.

Kids can’t watch a show that’s too violent (and they won’t watch one that’s too complicated), while parents typically can’t stomach anything that tugs on the heartstrings so hard that their eyes roll out of their head.Thankfully, and somewhat in spite of itself, “Sweet Tooth” manages to thread the needle.

(Or thread the floss?) Based on Jeff Lemire’s DC comic books and adapted by “Hap & Leonard’s” Jim Mickle, the eight-part Netflix series follows a “hybrid deer-boy” (their words) who travels across a post-apocalyptic America in search of his mother,

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