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‘Ava’ Takes Over as the Top VOD Choice, with Thriller ‘Alone’ Still Strong

With “Mulan” arriving on more platforms October 6 and non-premium VOD titles like “The Witches” and Amazon’s “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” later this month, the home-viewing market was on pause with no new premium titles this weekend. That didn’t stop Jessica Chastain’s “Ava,” however: It had the best showing for a non-premium title in the six […]

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‘Antebellum’: This Movie Polarizes Audiences and for the Directors, That’s the Point

Making movies is arduous, but the appreciation that follows can make it all worthwhile. For writer-director duo Bush|Renz, comprised of Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz, that experience has so far evaded them. Their feature debut “Antebellum,” which premiered on PVOD last week, aimed to recontextualize what American slavery meant. To put it kindly, it found […]

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‘Antebellum’ Filmmakers Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz on the Movie’s Big Twist (Spoilers)

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you have not seen “Antebellum,” now available on PVOD.Filmmakers Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz weren’t worried about pushing the envelope too far with “Antebellum,” their twisty tale of a contemporary Black woman, a slave living on a brutal Southern plantation and the way their fates are intertwined. In fact, […]

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Film News in Brief: Janelle Monae Thriller ‘Antebellum’ Tops Streaming Lists for Fandango

‘Antebellum’ Leads Weekly Streaming ListsJanelle Monae horror thriller “Antebellum” has topped the the lists of the week’s movies streaming on Fandango’s streaming services Vudu and FandangoNOW.Lionsgate decided in early August to ditch a domestic theatrical release for “Antebellum” amid an uncertain outlook for launching movies at brick-and-mortar theaters due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The movie, […]

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‘Antebellum’ Directors on Using ‘Gone with the Wind’ to Re-Cast the Narrative

While the premise of “Antebellum” has been shrouded in mystery, activist filmmakers Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz (credited as Bush + Renz) worked with their crew to deliver a wild ride delving into the current climate of racism.In choosing to deal with the pandemic situation, “Antebellum” will only be available on VOD in the United […]

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The Promise of ‘Tenet’ Is Not Enough: ‘Antebellum’ Postpones August 21 Release

On July 31, Lionsgate moved “Antebellum” to Tbd from August 21, a date when it likely would have likely been not only the top grosser but would also see the best return in the last five months. Produced by Sean McKittrick, the horror/thriller stars Janelle Monae as a modern-day Black author transported to the pre-Civil […]

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