When The James Bond Franchise Will End, According To Barbara Broccoli

In the shocking climax to 2021’s “No Time to Die,” James Bond finally shuffled off this mortal coil.

I say “shuffled” as if it were a humble and dignified affair, but what I really mean is, went out in a blaze of…

well, glory isn’t the right word.

Perhaps “entirely unnecessary and gratuitous grandiosity” would be a better phrase? Either way, Bond died for the first time on-screen since 1962’s “Dr.

No,” the film that kicked off cinema’s most enduring franchise.

Pummeled by a barrage of ballistics, Daniel Craig’s version of 007 is well and truly gone, and the hunt for the next Bond actor has begun.All we know so far is that the new Bond definitely won’t be Taron Egerton, but an official announcement regarding who will wield the famous Walther Ppk next is surely imminent.

Otherwise, the future of the character is as uncertain as it’s ever…

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