The Raised By Wolves Colony Report: Let’s Get Biblical

While the primary religion of “Raised by Wolves” is the Mithraic faith, which worships the sun god Sol, the series draws heavily from Judeo-Christian imagery and themes.

The Mithraic faith is based loosely on the worship of Mithras in ancient Persia and Rome, a religion that was mostly eradicated by Christianity in the 4th century Ce.

The Mithraism of “Raised by Wolves” is a mix of ancient Persian beliefs and the biblical Old Testament, but most of the Abrahamic allegories have been bits of simple world-building detail for the larger battle between faith and atheism.

In episode 6, “The Tree,” the biblical imagery finally becomes a major plot point,…The post The Raised by Wolves Colony Report: Let’s Get Biblical appeared first on /Film.

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