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Annie Clark Unzips Her St. Vincent Persona for Meta Mockumentary ‘The Nowhere Inn’

Annie Clark unzipped out of her St. Vincent musical persona more nakedly than ever with the release of the 2017 album “Masseduction,” a chronicle of fame and excess that deals in drugs, sex, and broken relationships. While Clark argues that “you do know me if you listen to my music,” as the former Polyphonic Spree […]

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‘The Nowhere Inn’ Teaser: St. Vincent Stars In A Metafictional Drama With ‘Portlandia’s’ Carrie Brownstein

To try to put “The Nowhere Inn” in a simple genre box is a difficult thing. It’s part mockumentary, part drama, part comedy, part character study, part rock biopic. It’s a lot of different things, all wrapped up in a St. Vincent package.Read More: ‘The Nowhere Inn’: St. Vincent & Carrie Brownstein Flirt With Self-Awareness […]

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‘The Nowhere Inn’ Review: St. Vincent and Carrie Brownstein’s Wacky Mockumentary Is Not What It Seems

Some 40 years after “This is Spinal Tap,” the prospect of another mockumentary on self-involved rock stars might not sound so appealing. Fortunately, “The Nowhere Inn” goes beyond the call of duty with a mesmerizing seriocomic descent into the madness of modern fame. This unclassifiable whatsit from singer-songwriter St. Vincent and Bff Carrie Brownstein works […]

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Variety Studio Returns to Sundance With Star-Studded Interviews

Variety will return to the Sundance Film Festival with its annual interview studio in partnership with AT&T, held at the WarnerMedia Lounge on Main Street.The studio runs from Jan. 24 through Jan. 27 and will host the stars from this year’s buzziest premieres including Hillary Clinton (“Hillary”), Gloria Steinem (“The Glorias”), Lin-Manuel Miranda, Emma Gonzalez […]

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