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Deadpool & Korg Team-Up To Promote Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Free Guy’ In Disney Synergy Mash-Up Reaction Video

Ok, this is very odd, perhaps a strange sign of the times ahead of us where everything is under one branded-content monopoly. Following the Disney-owns-20th Century Fox synergy of “The Simpsons” and Marvel crossovers (the latest being a Loki-themed ‘Simpson’s short), the marketing heads at Disney have created a genius new marketing plan for “

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Hank Azaria Wants to Apologize to “Every Single Indian Person in This Country” for Voicing Apu on ‘The Simpsons’

Over a year ago, Hank Azaria stepped down from voicing Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, the heavily accented Kwik-e-Mart owner on The Simpsons whom he had voiced for 30 years, winning several Emmys for his performance in the process. The decision came after the outcry over his voicing Apu had reached a boiling point in the wake of […]

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Hank Azaria Wants to Apologize to ‘Every Indian Person’ for Voicing Apu

Hank Azaria stepped down from voicing controversial “The Simpsons” character Apu Nahasapeemapetilon last year. The voice actor recently opened up about the lessons he learned about whitewashing and promoting stereotypes during a recent interview on the “Armchair Expert” podcast.Per The Hollywood Reporter, Azaria, who is white, stated that he participated in several seminars to understand […]

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‘The Simpsons’: Matt Groening Teases ‘Ambitious’ Plans for Apu

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon might’ve lost his longtime voice actor, but the team behind “The Simpsons” has plans to bring the character back in the future.Series creator Matt Groening told USA Today in an interview published Monday, in celebration of the show’s 700th episode, that his team has “something kind of ambitious” in the works for the […]

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‘The Simpsons’ Brings in J.J. Abrams and His Lens Flares for a Guest Spot This Weekend

The Simpsons was recently renewed for two more seasons, keeping the animated sitcom going strong as the longest-running primetime scripted series of all time. This weekend they’ll be getting a boost from one of the biggest blockbuster filmmakers of the 21st century. Star Wars and Star Trek director J.J. Abrams is making an appearance on […]

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‘The Simpsons’ Casts Kevin Michael Richardson to Take Over Voicing Dr. Julius Hibbert

For 31 years, actor Harry Shearer has provided the voice of Dr. Julius Hibbert on The Simpsons. But that streak came to an end with this past Sunday’s episode, “DiaryQueen.” As promised last summer, the show’s producers have hired a Black actor to replace Shearer and voice the Black character. Vulture reports that Harry Shearer’s […]

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‘Family Guy’ Finds a New Voice for Cleveland Brown, But You Won’t Hear Him This Season

Around the same time the producers of The Simpsons decided that they wouldn’t cast white voice actors to play any characters of color on the animated series, Family Guy followed suit when Mike Henry announced that he would step down from voicing Cleveland Brown, a staple recurring who also got his own spin-off series for […]

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