The Simpsons Season 35 Premiere Addresses A Long-Running Fan Question

It’s been a long remarked-upon fact, both in the show and out of it, that most of Homer Simpson’s life doesn’t make any sense on “The Simpsons.” He has a job as a nuclear safety inspector despite his lack of a college degree and is able to afford a fairly impressive house, two cars, and at least one major vacation a year.

The story of how this all came to be has changed a lot over the decades, made even more complicated by the show’s floating timeline.

“Homer’s Odyssey” in season 1 tells us Homer was promoted to the position after leading a protest against the power plant, whereas season 3’s “I Married Marge” tells us he got the safety inspector job straight away, no promotion needed.

Most of the show has told us Homer got the job with just a high school education, but season 19’s “That ’90s Show…

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