The Toxic Avenger Review: Peter Dinklage Brings Soul To A Gore-Soaked Comedy Of Anarchy [Fantastic Fest 2023]

What happens when you take the z-grade world of Troma — a filmmaking universe defined by utter anarchy, rejection of societal norms, and unashamed embracing of filth and degradation — and toss a lot more money, a handful of recognizable movie stars, and thoroughly modern sensibilities at it? Writer/director Macon Blair tries to answer that question with his remake of Troma’s most famous creation, “The Toxic Avenger.” And in doing so, it’s clear Blair was making a movie for one person and one person only: himself.

The Troma DNA is clear, but this is a movie made by someone who grew up watching crummy horror movies on VHS, swapping dick jokes with his buds while passing a joint, and probably memorizing entire episodes of “The Simpsons.”Blair just blew god knows how much of Legendary Entertainment’s money on a feature-length collection of jokes and asides and quips and sight gags…

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