The 10 Most Underrated Episodes Of Arrested Development

When “Arrested Development” first aired, it epitomized underrated television.

Unceremoniously ending with its truncated, 13-episode third season, the show never got the contemporaneous credit it deserved.

While critics at the time were positively beaming with praise — with The New York Times even remarking the premiere episodes proved “sharply satirical” — it lasted a while before the powers that be relegated “Arrested Development” to the realm of forgotten cult classics.

That is, of course, until Netflix picked up the series in 2011, premiering a fourth season in 2013, a decade after the first.In the time since, “Arrested Development” achieved almost mythic status, ranking 37 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 best television comedy series ever.

That’s right.

The little sitcom that could is sandwiched between “Hill Street Blues” and “I Love Lucy,” as good an indication as any that creator Mitchell Hurwitz achieved something special here.

While the first three seasons are remarkably accomplished,

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