The Best LGBTQ Movies and TV Shows Streaming on Netflix in 2021

Over a year into lockdown, and we’ve all likely exhausted our existing Netflix queues.

Whether you devoured “Tiger King,” “Unorthodox,” or “Bridgerton,” Netflix had many worldwide hits with its original content — this, in a year, aided by viewers with exponentially more time at home.

But those popular titles are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Netflix’s offerings, and it can be overwhelming navigating its mysterious algorithm.LGBTQ community gathering spaces were already struggling before the pandemic, and queer community is more disparate than ever now.

Gone are the “Drag Race” screenings at your local gay bar, or “The L Word: Generation Q” premieres that bring out all your exes (and your exes’ exes).

Left to our own technical devices, we must turn to Netflix for some semblance of our former queer lives.

Luckily, Netflix has plenty of titles — across both film, television, and comedy

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