‘The Craft: Legacy’: Trans Star Zoey Luna Is Just One of the Witches

Witchcraft, in all of its pop cultural representations, has always been a bit queer.

Whether it’s the hallowed image of an unmarried woman and her cat, Bette Midler with her iconic fake teeth, or a coven of angsty teens bonding over dark magic rituals, it’s no surprise that LGBTQ folks have always felt drawn to stories about the supernatural.

While there is nothing explicitly queer about the original “The Craft,” Andrew Fleming’s 1996 dark comedy about a group of teen witches, the film’s swift and definitive transformation into cult classic included a healthy dose of queer reclamation.While the recently released continuation, “The Craft: Legacy,” does not lean any further in the Sapphic direction, it does include a trans girl in the coven.

What’s most refreshing about the character of Lourdes, played by 17-year-old newcomer Zoey Luna, is that she’s just one of the witches.

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