‘The Harbinger’ Review: A Devilish Pandemic Quandary

The isolation and helplessness some people felt during the prime days of Covid lockdown is utilized to good effect in “The Harbinger.” Andy Mitton’s second solo feature (following two co-directed with Jesse Holland) is a spooky tale in which vulnerable individuals find themselves prey to a malevolent spirit that worms into their dreams, dislodging them from grounding reality.in XYZ Films’ release to limited theaters and VOD on Sept.

1.Disturbing, recurrent cries from the NYC apartment of Mavis (Ellen Davis) have gotten complaints from neighbors, particularly a next-door “Karen” and belligerent anti-masker (Stephanie Roth Haberle).

When her more-sympathetic building superintendent (Cody Braverman) lets himself in to investigate, he finds the tenant in a state of whimpering hysteria and self-harm — yet asleep.

After successfully waking her, he urges Mavis to get help.Blood relatives apparently not being an option, she rings up old friend Monique (Gabby Beans), who’s surprised

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