The Iconic ‘Pulp Fiction’ Dance Was Inspired by a Cat

Film and dance have long shared an enchanting relationship.

However, no dance scene embodies this connection quite like the iconic moment in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction where John Travolta and Uma Thurman take to the floor.

Many may not realize that this memorable dance sequence found its roots in an unlikely source: a cartoon cat.

In 1970, Disney released The Aristocats.

Directed by Wolfgang Reitherman, The Aristocats follows a cat character named Duchess (Eva Gabor) and her three kittens as their butler tries to get rid of them to disinherit them.

This is after the butler overhears a conversation between their owner, a retired French opera diva, and her lawyer about her will.

Upon her death, the aged woman bestows her entire fortune on the cats while the butler would only take over after all of them pass away.

It is the Duchess’s twist dance performance in the film that sparked Tarantino’s imagination,…

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