The Infernal Machine Clip: Guy Pearce Is Driven Mad By Cryptic Messages [Excusive]

In “The Infernal Machine,” Guy Pearce plays a reclusive author lured out of hiding by an obsessive fan. Maybe his character was written in response to cinephiles demanding more leading roles from the star of “Memento.” In the past, Pearce has seemed content to inhabit supporting roles, like when he donned old-age makeup for “Prometheus” or played the villain in “Iron Man 3.” Occasionally, you’ll see him take on a starring role, though, as he did in the Australian Western “The Proposition” or in the sci-fi actioner “Lockout” (that movie that ran into trouble with John Carpenter for its plot similarities to “Escape from New York.”)”The Infernal Machine” puts Pearce front and center for a film that co-stars Alice Eve, Jeremy Davies, and Alex Pettyfer.

Writer-director Andrew Hunt has adapted the film from “The Hilly Earth Society” episode of The Truth Podcast, written by Louis Kornfeld.

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