The Movies That Made Us Creator Brian Volk-Weiss On Learning To Love Horror [Interview]

“The Movies That Made Us” has a new third season now available on Netflix, releasing episodes on quite a few horror classics just in time for Halloween.

As always, the mini-doc series promises to bring together the cast and crew behind your favorites to look at the origins, unknown tales, and interesting stories behind a number of beloved films of this spookiest of holiday seasons.

Season 3 includes episodes on the infamous trilogy of slasher classics, John Carpenter’s  “Halloween,” Sean S.

Cunningham’s “Friday the 13th,” and Wes Craven’s “A Nightmare on Elm Street” alongside additional episodes on James Cameron’s “Aliens,” “Robocop,” “Coming to America“…The post The Movies that Made Us Creator Brian Volk-Weiss on Learning to Love Horror [Interview] appeared first on /Film.

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