‘The Woman in the Window’ Review: Amy Adams Stumbles Through Joe Wright’s Netflix Dud

When A.J.

Finn — the pen name of one Dan Mallory, whose own story would make for a hell of a book — published his debut novel “The Woman in the Window” in early 2018, the “Rear Window” ripoff became an instant bestseller.

It was easy to see why, thanks to its blend of (quite literal) Hitchcockian thrills with the kind of snappy chills found in books from other hot authors like Paula Hawkins, Ruth Ware, and Gillian Flynn.

Finn may have cribbed plenty, but he also created an indelible character in the agoraphobic Dr.

Anna Fox.

She hasn’t left her house in nearly a year, instead opting to wile her time away drinking wine, watching old movies, learning French, and chatting with a close-knit coterie of other mentally ill people online.

Then: a murder (maybe) just across the street, one only Anna saw, one only Anna can solve.Inevitably, the movie

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