This 2017 Horror Comedy Is the Best Movie About Making Movies

There’s something special about movies, specifically something special about making them, that drives people to do strange things.

From screenwriters honing their craft creating works that they hope could one day become real, to actors spending hours and hours on set getting scenes just right, to everyone else in the production doing so much to bring a picture to life with scarcely enough credit.

Many movies have tried to capture the filmmaking experience, from The Coen Brothers’ classic Barton Fink to Steven Spielberg’s latest film The Fabelmans.

However, the movie that probably nails the process best is Shinichirou Ueda’s low-budget Japanese horror-comedy One Cut of the Dead, not only because it knows about the madness of filmmaking but because it revels in it.

Utilizing excellent jokes and sharp writing, the film makes a case for being both one of the best foreign horror films to date and

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