‘This Is Us’ Review: Season 5 Premiere Demonstrates How Returning TV Can Incorporate Covid

[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for “This Is Us” Season 5, Episode 1 and Episode 2, “Forty.”]Sometimes the simplest sentiments carry the greatest impact.

In the Season 5 premiere of “This Is Us” — a dense two hours of pre-planned drama adjusted to include two of 2020’s worst tragedies — six words carry more relatable depth than the thousands around them.“I’m just really, really, really sad.”I mean, 2020 right? It’s no surprise such a choice remark comes from Randall Pearson, the long-reigning Mvp of “This Is Us” so beautifully embodied by Emmy winner Sterling K.


But it is a bit of a surprise how effortlessly his admission cuts through the many, many issues Randall’s tasked with in the season premiere.

Both episodes run virtually all their storylines through Randall, and it’s amazing how well both the character and performer are able to distill them into an affecting encapsulation of our collective 2020 mood.

We are sad,

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