This Star-Studded Thriller Began as an Orson Welles Passion Project

Orson Welles is considered one of the most influential filmmakers of all time.

His first foray onto the screen, Citizen Kane, is still hailed among the greatest movies ever made, and his radio play of War of the Worlds remains infamous for its impact.

He was prolific and passionate and put his whole being into whatever project he picked up.

When author Charles Williams published a thriller novel titled Dead Calm in 1963, Welles was so struck by it that he immediately bought the film rights, intent on bringing this story of suspense on the high seas to the big screen.

Sadly, this never ended up happening.

What did happen was a somewhat different take on the source material, courtesy of director Phillip Noyce, which was released in 1989.

With the legacy of such a famous auteur’s struggle behind it, Dead Calm had a lot to live up to, and though…

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