Trans Employee Who Criticized Netflix’s Release of Dave Chappelle Special Says ‘It Was Never About Dave’

Terra Field, a trans Netflix employee who denounced Dave Chappelle’s “attacks [on] the trans community” in his new special “The Closer,” has elaborated on her criticism of the company’s defense for releasing the special.On Monday, Field shared an online essay titled “It Was Never About Dave” on her Medium blog.

Field begins the essay by recounting a similar internal backlash that followed Netflix’s release of Chappelle’s previous special “Sticks & Stones” in 2019.“Two years ago when ‘Sticks & Stones’ released, the Black and Trans* ERGs came together and held very candid and vulnerable discussions about how the transphobic content of [the special] contributes to a culture that marginalizes the Trans community and a culture that is particularly violent towards Black transgender women,” Field writes.

“Two years later, ‘The Closer’ released and the same conversation started again… I felt like all the work we did after ‘Sticks & Stones’ was meaningless

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