‘Tuca & Bertie’ Showrunners and Others Allege Warner Bros. Discovery Merger Diminishes Female Poc Series

The creators behind series “Tuca & Bertie,” “Gordita Chronicles,” and “Whistleblower” have issued statements alleging the Warner Bros.

Discovery merger has had disastrous effects on female Poc showrunners.The statements, published as an addendum to a December 21 Writers Guild of America report on the effects of mega-mergers, are titled “How the Warner Bros.

Discovery Merger Hurts Workers and Diversity.” The report claims the Wbd merger de-prioritized female-led series featuring stars of color and ultimately led to the shows’ cancellations.“The casualties of this mega-merger include numerous projects created by, featuring and/or centering the experiences of women and people of color,” the statement reads, citing multiple projects “including ‘Batgirl,’ one of very few mainstream superhero films to feature a Latina lead actress; ‘Full Frontal’ with Samantha Bee, one of a handful of woman-hosted late-night shows; ‘Gordita Chronicles,’ a series about a Dominican immigrant family whose showrunner was a Latina woman; ‘Tuca & Bertie,

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