‘Venom’ & ‘A Star is Born’ are Ready to Get October Off to a Strong Start

October 2018 is primed to get off to a record start with Sony’s release of Venom debuting in a massive 4,250 locations, which already serves as the widest October release of all-time.

At stake is the October opening weekend record, currently held by Gravity and its $55.7 million debut back in 2013, but things don’t end there.

On top of that, Warner Bros.

is unveiling what is sure to be their latest 2018 hit in the awards contender A Star is Born, which has already made waves on the festival circuit and is now looking at the beginning of what should be a lengthy theatrical run, beginning with an impressive opening of its own.

Forecasting this weekend has been interesting as Sony came out in mid-September with a tracking note for Venom, pointing to a debut around $55-60 million, which would suggest a new October opening weekend record.

Since then things haven’t changed too much,

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