What to Watch on Lockdown: 14 James Bond Alternatives to Take the Place of Delayed ‘No Time to Die’


It sounds like the title of a classic Bond movie, à la “GoldenEye,” “Moonraker” or “Octopussy.”April 10 was supposed to see the release of Bond’s latest adventure, “No Time to Die.” Instead, action fans are stuck at home, an invisible villain is threatening world domination, and 007 has done the unthinkable: He’s chickened out and gone into hiding, leaving us to sort out this catastrophe on our own, only to circle back and “die another day” when the smoke clears.Not cool, 007.

Not cool.Fortunately, no franchise has inspired more imitations, homages and parodies than Bond, leaving us with plenty of backup options available for home viewing.

So if you’re thirsting for Bond and a well-shaken quarantini won’t quench it, here are 14 (the double of seven) recommendations to tide you over.Layer Cake (2004)Why not start with the movie that proved Daniel Craig could fill Sean Connery’s shoes?

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