Where to Watch Fear: Showtimes and Streaming

The great horror kickoff of 2023 started with the movies M3GAN and Skinamarink and continues to rile up fans with promises of unbound terror in the release of films like Infinity Pool, Knock at the Cabin, Scream VI, Evil Dead Rise, an Exorcist legacy sequel, and so many more.

It looks like a perfect year for horror, but one movie that hasn’t gotten a lot of heat is the new Deon Taylor film set to hit theaters this Friday.

Fear exposes audiences to the things buried deep that frighten them the most and take them on a blood-curdling ride through things they’d wish they’d never seen.

For a smaller-budget film, it’s got blockbuster energy and will surely give horror fans everything they’ve been begging for in a scary movie.

For those who just need to know now, here’s how to watch Deon Taylor’s Fear.

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