Why Disney+ Made Sense for ‘Soul’ and ‘The Croods’ Could Be Next to Move

When Disney announced that Pixar’s “Soul” would vacate its November 20 theatrical release and debut on Disney+ December 25 was not a surprise.

Theaters, particularly in the U.S., are shaky, and more so after Regal shut down nearly all of their domestic locations this weekend.The surprise is it will premiere as a regular offering on Disney+ rather than go the “Mulan” route and make it a Premium VOD extra for subscribers.

Here’s why they did this, and what this could mean:Disney is wary of opening top films in theatersThe majority of U.S.

theaters reopened, but no films of note following “Tenet.” After “No Time to Die” moved to April, “Soul” on November 20 would have been the first.

That would have made it a kind of “Tenet” sequel — a second chance to jumpstart the business.

However, as when they moved “Mulan” to stream, the approach is

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