Why James Mangold Couldn’t Give Indiana Jones The Same Morbid Outcome As Logan

When James Mangold took the adventuring archaeologist reins from Steven Spielberg on “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,” fans were wary for a couple of reasons.

One was the simple fact that, aside from ABC’s “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles,” Spielberg was the series’ sole director.

As the “Jaws” sequels and the “Jurassic World” series proved, no one can match The Beard when it comes to terrifying and elating audiences, sometimes in the same scene.

The other fear had to do with legacy.

When Harrison Ford announced at September 2022’s D23 expo that this was his last go-round in the fedora (“I’m not falling down for you again”), we took him at his word.

He turned 81 this year, and has incurred all manner of injuries via stunts and aviation mishaps.Given that Mangold had earned an Oscar nomination for co-writing the death of Hugh Jackman’s “Wolverine” in the superb “Logan,…

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