Last Night in Soho review – a gaudy romp that’s stupidly enjoyable

Edgar Wright’s time-travel film plays like a 60s pop song building towards a big climaxThe nostalgia gauge is code-red on Last Night in Soho, a gaudy time-travel romp that whisks its modern-day heroine to a bygone London that probably never existed outside our fevered cultural imagination.

It’s the era of Dusty Springfield and Biba; great music, cool threads.

British writer-director Edgar Wright takes a grab-bag of 1960s ingredients, paints them up and makes them dance to his tune.

His film is thoroughly silly and stupidly enjoyable.

To misquote William Faulkner, the past isn’t dead, it’s propping up the bar at the Café de Paris.“You like that retro style, huh?” a classmate remarks to Eloise Turner, a 21st-century design student – and you can bet your house she does.

Eloise is up from deepest Cornwall to attend the London College of Fashion, still haunted by her

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