Oscars 2023: Best Cinematography Predictions

“As previously noted, the Oscar crafts contenders embrace a wide range of genres, periods, subjects, themes, and settings this season, with a particular emphasis on the movies, music, and political/social activism.

This definitely affects the cinematography race, which shines a light on the remarkable looks that help drive visual storytelling.This season, three-time winner Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki goes up against two-time winners Roger Deakins and Janusz Kamiński along with several other distinguished winners: Russell Carpenter (“Titanic”), Greig Fraser (“Dune”), Claudio Miranda (“Life of Pi”), Linus Sandgren (“La La Land”), and John Seale (“The English Patient”).Best Cinematography has historically been one of the Oscars’ least inclusive awards; last year, Ari Wegner (“The Power of the Dog”) became only the second woman ever nominated in the category.

Wegner returns to the race this year with “The Wonder,” along with several other contenders who could help continue to break the cinematography

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