‘Psycho Goreman’ Review: A Cleverly Schlocky Evil-Alien-Out-of-Water Comedy That’s Like Marvel Meets Troma

One of the trends of our time is the way that extreme culture can wind up turning into kiddie culture.

Head-banging metal that was once the down-and-dirty province of those in their teens and twenties had evolved, by the time of “School of Rock,” into a grade-school activity as wholesome as choir practice.

Psycho Goreman,” written and directed by Steven Kostanski, offers a variation on the same phenomenon.

In spirit if not in fact, it’s a Troma film — in this case, a gonzo absurdist intergalactic sci-fi horror comedy that flaunts the gory ingenuity of its no-budget analog effects, along with a lot of so-broad-it’s-camp acting.

“Psycho Goreman” wants to bring back those heady Troma fumes.

But this one, quite knowingly, is like “The Toxic Avenger” remade by the Robert Rodriguez of “Spy Kids.”The title monster is an ancient alien overlord who was entombed on Earth after a

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