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Composer Henry Jackman Praises A Key Moment In John Williams’ Empire Strikes Back Score [Exclusive]

Few composers have shaped the soundscape of Hollywood cinema for the past 30 years quite like Hans Zimmer. From “The Lion King” to “The Thin Red Line,” “Gladiator,” “Dune: Part One,” and his work on Christopher Nolan’s films, Zimmer’s best soundtracks are capable of telling gripping stories all on their own. Just as impressive, in […]

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Every Main Character In Band Of Brothers Ranked Worst To Best

The true stories of heroism in World War II have inspired some of the greatest films of all time. Throughout film history, war films have examined various aspects of combat. While films like “Saving Private Ryan” and “The Thin Red Line” explored the plight of soldiers in the heat of combat, “Bridge On The River Kwai” […]

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Billy Bob Thornton Recorded Hours Of Voiceover For The Thin Red Line That Was Never Used

For any actor working with the visionary Terrence Malick, “surrender yourself to the vision” is something of an ongoing mantra. Since debuting with “Badlands” in 1973, Malick’s process has become a polarizing topic of debate. The director shoots hundreds of hours of footage for each of his films, vexing performers, editors and even composers when […]

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Christopher Plummer Penned Letter to Terrence Malick After ‘New World’: ‘Get Yourself a Writer’

Director Terrence Malick is famous for snipping actors out of his theatrical cuts. For one, Adrien Brody reportedly showed up to the premiere of “The Thin Red Line” to find his role, which he thought was the lead, was significantly downsized. Many others followed. In the aftermath of Malick’s 2005 historical drama about the founding […]

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