The Succession Finale Resurrected The Show’s Most Devastating Subplot In A Perfect Way

This post contains spoilers for the series finale of “Succession.”Part of the fun (and frustration) of “Succession” is that there are never any real consequences for the characters’ actions.

Yes, they might not get to have the CEO role they’ve always wanted, but are they ever risking jail time for the unethical, legally questionable things they do? Not really, no.

The only characters who ever had to worry about prison were Tom and Greg, and even that possibility turned out to be overblown.Really, the worst case scenario for the Roy siblings has always been that their relationships with their families might suffer.

In the season 3 finale, Kendall tells Shiv and Roman about the waiter situation — how he drunkenly caused a car accident that killed a waiter at Shiv’s wedding, and got away with it — and the stakes of the scene are not “oh no, will Shiv and Roman…

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