‘Tom & Jerry’ Review: The Cat-and-Mouse Rivals Wage Big-Screen Battle in This Low-Concept Outing

In the 80 years since Tom and Jerry made their cartoon debut, the duo have zonked, bonked and kerplonked one another too many times to count, and somehow the joke has never gotten old.

Nor have the aggravated gray cat and his rival the clever brown mouse, who remain forever young, and forever scrappy — a hand-drawn Punch and Judy whose ruthless slapstick antics have withstood critiques from all corners, including parents who think such animated violence could be a bad influence on kids.The erstwhile MGM stars got bad reviews when Film Roman tried to go the feature route in 1993 (that movie never should have given them voices), and they’ll probably get skewered again now that Warner Bros.

has tried to position the animated duo alongside a live-action ensemble (led by a pair of daffy performances from Chloë Grace Moretz and Michael Peña) in “Tom & Jerry.” But these two

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