‘The Craft: Legacy’ Review: Cult ’90s Teen Witch Classic Gets a Clever Modern Sequel

You didn’t need to be a teenage witch — practicing or just aspiring — to vibe with Andrew Fleming’s 1996 cult classic “The Craft.” Underneath all the glamour (literally) is a film about alienation, bullying, and value in fighting back against people who want to keep you down.

In short: perfect for teens, even better for teen girls.

Nearly a quarter-century after Fleming’s film was released (and became a sleeper hit in the process), its magic has finally inspiredZoe Lister-Jones’ “The Craft: Legacy” wears its affection and appreciation for the first film on its bedazzled sleeves, while making the case for the newly minted series to continue in a very different era than the one in which it was conceived.

Lister-Jones’ callbacks to Fleming’s original come in a variety of forms, from winking nods to iconic lines and scenes to a firm handle on the original’s more complex emotions and interpersonal relationships.

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